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Montgomery County Hospital District
Hosts Save Reunion


     The Montgomery County Hospital District hosted a Save Reunion to recognize all the First Responders and Crews for their hard work that contributed to a life being saved.
     This Save Reunion was from a call that took place on June 7, 2015.  A call was taken in ALARM by Melissa Grindstaff for a man who passed out in the pool at Walden Yacht Club.  The lifeguards recognized the guest in distress and responded.  With the help of a bystander, who also happened to be a nurse, the patient was found to have no pulse and CPR was initiated by the Aquatic Staff.  Responding from just down the road, Montgomery Fire Department with Lt. Evan Ballew, Lt. Cody Simon, Firefighter Cameron Camp, Firefighter Pete Rodriquez, Firefighter David King, and Battalion Chief Joshua Griffith.  Montgomery Fire Department continued CPR, applied their AED and delivered two shocks prior to EMS arrival.  M43 with Karen Kimmey and Jonathan Rushing arrived, followed shortly after by District 1 Supervisor, Sarah Cottar, but the patient already had return of spontaneous circulation and respirations.  The patient was transported by M43 to a local hospital.  The patient was awake and talking enroute to the ER.  While enroute the medic crew identified that the patient was developing an MI and alerted the Cath Lab.  The patient was treated and discharged home four days later after the incident. The medic crew contacted the Department of Clinical Services shortly after the call to commend the Walden Yacht Club Lifeguards and Montgomery Fire Department on their quick recognition and response in the chain of survival.  Lifeguards train very hard for occasions such as this one, but are infrequently called to duty for an event of this magnitude.  There is no doubt that early intervention in this patient contributed to such a positive outcome.   The patient is doing very well and back to enjoying the pool at Walden Yacht Club.  The patient also expressed his gratitude towards the Lifeguards, Fire Department, and EMS for their roles in saving his life.

Pictured Top Row Left to Right: Lt. Reed Griffith, FF Ben McDonald, FF Cody Harris, Captain Devin Craig, Admin. Gretchen Prieto, FF Brandon Bever, FF Clint Daniell, FF Jason Harper, Lt. Charles Freeman. Bottom Row Left to Right: Battalion Chief Rusty Griffith, Battalion Chief Josh Griffith, Captain, Craig Przyborski, FF David King, Lt. Jacob Hoffart, FF Amber Ledbetter

   In 1983, Professional Firefighters representing cities all across Texas began participating in various sporting events against other Texas Fire Departments.  The Texas Firefighter Games were born and is now held annually in a "Host City".  The games are held starting the third Sunday of July each year and end on the Friday of that week.  Firefighters from Texas and surrounding states participate in this yearly event.  The Texas Firefighter Games mission is to deliver competitive sporting events for participants and a family atmosphere while giving back to the community through various charitable organizations.  The vision of the Texas Firefighter Games Board is to provide a family oriented environment to showcase health and fitness, camaraderie, sportsmanship, and the sharing of ideas among firefighters from across Texas and the surrounding states on a yearly basis.  To this date, they continue to give back to each host city through contributions to local charity organizations.
    This year the 2015 Texas Firefighter Games were held in Conroe, TX.  Several area and surrounding area fire departments joined in on the week long games.  Our own firefighters with Montgomery Fire Department entered a team into the Softball Games, were they played several games against surrounding fire departments.  
    The Montgomery Fire Department Softball Team would like to thank our sponsors Siddons-Martin and Webb's Uniforms.

Pictured Left to Right: Montgomery Fire Department, Walden Yacht Club Staff, Walden Yacht Club Aquatic Staff, Patient Jeffery Yanko, and Montgomery County Hospital District.

Pictured Left to Right: Lt. Evan Ballew, Lt. Cody Simon, Patient Jeffery Yanko, FF David King, FF Cameron Camp

Montgomery McDonald's
Hosts Health Fair




     Montgomery Firefighters on A Shift train at Station 51 n catching the hydrant, pulling hoselines, and flowing water.  These training drills consisted of hooking a supply line to the hydrant, deploying a medium attack line (1 3/4") and large attack line (2 1/2).  Crews then simulated pulling ceiling to expose hidden fire and performed burpees to increase their heart rate, simulating the stress and adrenaline of going inside a burning building.  While routinely conducting this and other similar drills, these skills ensure that when the time comes they will be able to perform the tasks needed to save lives and property, while maintaining the A Shift's high level of fireground proficiency.