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A , B , C .....Live Fire Training


  This past month the full time shifts, along with other MFD members participated in  Live Fire Training at the Porter Fire Department's Burn Building.  Their fire training scerinos were based upon everyday situations that they would face in an emergency.  Several objectives were trained upon; "Grace" electronic accountability system, practicing effective communications, fire extinguishment, practice of MAYDAY and evacuation, parking of apparatus in different situations, and pumping/hose operations.

Firefighter Justin Correa, Firefighter Mason Keller, Firefighter Dillion Bilderback

to exit the vehicle. As she made her way out, Rodriguez was able to see that a large male driver of the vehicle was pinned under the steering wheel and dashboard. Rodriguez crawled into the back seat and pulled the driver out from under the steering wheel as fire was spreading into the cab. Rodriguez then entered the vehicle from the passenger side and pulled the driver out of and away from the vehicle to a safe distance away. Rodriguez acted with bravery and honor as he carried out his duty, undoubtedly saving a life.

rescue Wallace just as the fire accelerated and broke through the roof.  The team found Wallace and were moving him to an exit as a sustained flashover event occurred, setting the team on fire.  Lieutenant Riley redirected the hose line to extinguish the fire around them, enabling Riley, and Firefighters Hughes, Brooks, Strickland, and McLemore to move some of those who were severely injured to the outside, and were joined by Lieutenant Fowler and Operator Huggins in removing Wallace from the burning building.  While in medical care, both Lieutenant Wallace and Lieutenant Pickard succumbed to injuries and died.  For their injuries, Firefighters Mantey and Moran underwent extensive treatment over several months, including numerous surgeries.  All of the firefighters laid their lives on the line for the sake of their duty to protect the City of Bryan, and each showed true heroism in their refusals to leave one of their own behind.

B Shift

C Shift

A Shift

What an HONOR...


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