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David Reyes has been working for Montgomery Fire Department since 2009, in March of 2011 he was promoted to the position of Lieutenant.  While working his part time job in Magnolia on the afternoon of July 25, 2014, Firefighters Larry Dixon and David Reyes responded to a medical call for a suicide threat.  However, when they arrived at the scene, along with officers from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, they found heavy smoke coming from the windows and roof of the residence.  Expecting only a medical call, Reyes and Dixon did not have their structural firefighting gear on hand.  Knowing that there was a high probability of someone being inside, they entered the structure, disregarding their personal safety.  Firefighters Dixon and Reyes encountered heavy smoke and burning furniture while attempting to locate the unconscious female.  They were able to locate her in the back bedroom, and removed the victim for transport and medical care for smoke inhalation.  Arriving firefighters later made entry to extinguish the fire.  Firefighters Larry Dixon and David Reyes are commended for their selfless efforts and bravery in the face of personal danger.

Montgomery Firefighters on the A Shift train at the Dobbin Training Center on emergency escape and rescuing of downed firefighters.  These training drills consisted of removing an injured firefighter from a confined space.  This drill is commonly referred to as the "Denver Drill" in the fire service.  While routinely conducting this and other similar drills, these skills ensure that when the time comes they will be able to perform the tasks needed to save their self or other and maintain their high level of proficiency.

The downed Firefighter is removed from the window.

Lt. Harrell is bailing out of the window.

The second Rescuer enters the window.

The crew prepares to lift the downed Firefighter.

An A Shift Lieutenant positions the downed Firefighter.

The downed Firefighter is positioned for removal.

We will be there along with several other local agenies
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Down Drills...