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In Honor of Firefighters...


  The Conroe Art League paid tribute to Local Firefighters through local artist's interpretations of an authentic Firefighter's Helmet.  
    Bob Shepherd, an award-winning area artist and long-time member of the Conroe Art League, donated a painting titled "Come On Men", to Montgomery Fire Department, Station 55 during a ceremony at that station on March 18.  CAL President Kerry Conkling was at the presentation while Firefighters received the painting, saying it would be "a welcome addition to our very plain walls."
     The painting, which was on display during the Conroe Art League's February tribute to area firefighters, could not have been completed without a significant amount of technical advice from staff members at Station 55.  Bob showed up one day at Station 55 on FM 1097, with what he thought was a finished painting, but knew enough to ask the experts with might need to be changed to "fix the painting."  The response, albeit politely rendered, was "everything."  Firefighter Justin Andrew even dressed out in complete bunker gear to show Bob how a "real firefighter" is supposed to look, while Lt. Jacob Hoffart, helped out with the hand modeling.  Bob made the suggested changes and has now gifted his technical advisers with the revised painting.
    Montgomery Fire Department along with Station 55 crew is so honored to have this painting tributing local firefighters.
     The Firefighters also used this occasion to thank the Conroe Art League for their recent donation of $1,000 to the 100 Club (the non-profit organization which helps the families of fallen firefighters and policemen).
     Thank you to Maggie Gutierrez - Art Talk for the Conroe Courier for providing details on this article.

Picture 1 above: Bob with A-Shift Crew, Picture 2: CAL President Kerry Conkling, Bob Shepherd, Lt. Jacob Hoffart, FF Justin Andrew, Picture 3: Bob, Lt. Jacob Hoffart, FF Justin Andrew modeling pose for painting.  Below: Finished painting that is now displayed with pride at Station 55.

Montgomery Firefighters and Staff participated in donating blood in Honor of Battalion Chief Lonnie Mapston's Dad, Donald Mapston.  During the month of April, they will be making a Commit  for Life in his honor.  Donald, who is the father of our Battalion Chief Lonnie Mapston of MFD, recently received transfusions after a motor vehicle accident, where he suffered a broken back and broken femur.  Now he and his family along with MFD want to give other patients the same support and encourage you to donate in his honor. 

Visit for local blood drives and donor center locations. Credit donation to Group Code: D936

first on scene and found smoke coming from a single wide mobile home.  They were advised upon arrival that everyone had made it out of the home. The fire was quickly extinguished with the crews from Dobbin and Montgomery Station.
        While interviewing the family on the events of the fire, Battalion Chief Lonnie Mapston, discovered everyone was inside when the fire started.  The most interesting part of their stories were both he son's ages 14 and 16, had remembered information provided by the fire department during fire prevention.  They immediately shut the doors to keep the fire from spreading, exited the structure, and went to the family meeting place.  Chief Edwards commented that this is exactly what we teach all the kids at fire prevention at the schools.
       As a parent, imagine not knowing if our kids are still in the fire or not.  All families need to go over their fire plan, check smoke detectors, have a way out of every room, and a meeting place so someone does not re-enter the burning structure thinking someone is still inside.  You hear about this happening and it causes unneeded and unfortunate deaths each year.  We strongly encourage everyone once you exit safely, never re-enter a burning structure.
        Due to the quick action of the resident and the response of the newly opened station, most of the belongings of this family were saved.  Most importantly, everyone made it out safely.
        Fire Investigator Jeff Williams from the Montgomery County Fire Marshal's Office is investigating the fire, but believes it to be accidental.

  On Monday, March 24 at approximately 19:45 hours MCESD#2 / Montgomery Fire Department responded to a reported house fire at the 4600 block of FM 1486 N. The newly opened Dobbin Station arrived